Total experience : how to create a state of Immersion for your customers?

Immersive experience for customer imroves retention and constant business

When it comes to a company’s growth, We frequently aim to provide the best possible service to our customers. We make every effort to deliver the finest possible customer experience. However, do you believe that only the customer experience can make a difference? Here comes the current buzzword “Total Experience”.

The term “Total experience” refers to the entire organization’s experience, which includes your customers, employees, and users.

Let’s discover more to see what it is and how it might improve your organization’s overall growth.

What is Total Experience?

Simply put,

Total experience = Customer + User + Employee’s experience.

Total experience focuses on the customer, provides a healthy and growing work environment for employees, and gives the greatest possible seamless experience to the user. Total experience helps to analyze company performance from different perspectives. It helps in identifying where the organization is doing better and the area of improvement as well.

Earlier customer experience, employee experience and user experience, were generally viewed as distinct identities. However, total experience has modified the old ways of thinking.

Total experience of an organization has a direct impact on it’s overall growth as each experience is linked to each other.

“Happier the employee -> happier the customer and users -> Happier will be the organization”

Let us see how these identities are linked together and how we can improve them to give organizations competitive advantages:

Employee Experience

Why do you need to focus on your employee experience?

Well if your employee does not like the environment of your company, it is pretty obvious that it is going to affect their productivity and in turns directly affect customer experience.

So it is important to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere, so that employees can have higher job satisfaction and thus give their best performance to meet customer expectations.

Furthermore, your customer also pays attention to how you treat your employees, what are your values and culture. So build a strong corporate culture where employees’s opinions and happiness matters.

Listen to your employees needs and try to automate and digitize your business processes to maximize profit. Because by automating your processes you can reduce the overload on your employees. Also, strengthen communication channels so that employees from various departments can easily communicate with one another and with customers as well, as we know how critical this is in the Covid 19 situation.

Customer experience:

Customer experience is entirely dependent on how you make them feel at each stage of their journey. A positive customer experience is critical for your company’s success because happy consumers become loyal customers.

For better customer experience, ensure you opt for omnichannel strategy, that means whether the customer is online, on a mobile device, on a laptop, or in a store, you must be able to represent your brand according to their preferences.

Also removes the barrier of communication between your clients and employees.

Provide them with a unified communication solution so that there will be seamless interaction.

Provide your employees with regular training sessions, so that they can assist customers in the best possible ways.

User experience

With advancement of technology, now users expect a more seamless experience with the product they use. You will most likely lose money if your product does not provide users with what they expect and does not assist them in making the best decisions for them.

Firms usually try to focus on the customer’s user experience while paying little attention to the employee’s user experience. But both aspects are important.

Provide your employees with tools they use for their daily work with better User experience, It helps them to stay creative and innovative.


The Total Experience Strategy’s goal is to create the best experience for anybody who interacts with your firm. It’s critical that you treat each component with the same attention.

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